Email signatures that we create for you need to be installed into your email program before they can be used. Please follow the instructions below to find out how to install your email signature into Microsoft Outlook on Windows.

If you use a different email program, please let us know which one and we can write an article like this for that program.

Before you start

Before you can carry out the steps in this article you will need the files for your email signature(s) available on your computer.

Normally, we would provide these as a Zip file over email. To make the files available on your computer:

  1. Save the Zip file to your computer, for example on your Desktop:
  2. Open the saved Zip file - usually you would double-click the icon where you saved it (e.g. the Zip icon on your Desktop)
  3. Drag the Signatures folder in the Zip file to your Desktop - this copies the files out of the Zip file and puts them on your Desktop

The signature files are now available for installation, continue with the rest of the article!

Installing into Microsoft Outlook on Windows

Microsoft Outlook expects to find email signature files in a particular folder on your computer, so we need to copy the signature files into this folder.

  1. Click the Windows button on the taskbar
  2. If there is a Search box visible, click into it and type %APPDATA% (including the percent signs) and press Enter/Return on the keyboard
  3. If there is no Search box visible, start typing %APPDATA% (including the percent signs) and press Enter/Return on the keyboard when done
  4. A File Explorer window should open with a number of folders. Find the Microsoft folder and open it:
  5. Now find the Signatures folder and open it. If there is no Signatures folder, create one - it must be called Signatures - and then open it:
  6. In a new File Explorer window, open the Signatures folder on your Desktop (from the "Before you start" section above) so that both windows are open side by side
  7. Drag the contents of this Signatures folder into the other Signatures folder from Step 5:

This will copy the Signature files across. Once it is done, we just need to tell Outlook to use the new signature by default.

Instructing Outlook to use the new signature

  1. Open Outlook if it is not already open
  2. Go to the File menu at the top:
  3. Select the Options menu option:
  4. Select the Mail option from the side of the window that appears:
  5. Select the Signatures... button on the right hand side, next to "Create or modify signatures for messages":
  6. On the right-hand side of the window you will see "Choose default signature" - select the correct Signature from the list in both "New messages" and "Replies/forwards":
  7. Select the OK button, and select OK again on the other window.

When you create a new email or reply to an existing email, your new signature should now be attached to the bottom!